Our Partners

Partner Benefits

Our partners are independent consultants who work as a team to meet the needs of our clients by leaning on the expertise of others like them.  Some of the many benefits enjoyed within the team include:
  • Joining a network of other Project Server experts that can help supplement their own experiences
  • Take advantage of a toolbox of utilities and IP that they can use to help solve client needs.
  • Post utilities and IP that they created for sale to others
  • Additional compensation for partner referrals
  • Additional compensation for project referrals to other consultants
We are currently looking for partners who can support a diverse set of clients and situations and are interested in joining our team.  Do you align with these statements?
  • You are an independent contractor with your own company organization
  • You have extensive experience with Microsoft Project Server in one or more of the following roles:
    1. Solution Analyst
    2. Technical Architect
    3. Business Intelligence report developer
    4. Integration solution developer
  • You want to compliment your expertise with others on a team to develop successful solutions for our customers
  • You are just starting out as an independent and would like support for sales and billing activities
Know that joining our team does not limit your own ability to market and consult on your own opportunities.  Please send a message to lchristofaro@epmsolutionpartners.com if you are interested in joining our team.  Please also include a resume or LinkedIn account with details on your qualifications and experience.